Spending three weeks at Ocean Spirits was one of the best things I’ve ever done. Working with Leatherbacks is a privilege – not only because they are amazing creatures, but because there is a genuine threat of their extinction – and the programme gives you the best chance to work closely with them & make a difference.

Patrolling 1.5km of palm-fringed beach under a starry Caribbean sky all night is actually much harder work than it sounds, but every night shift is different and equally rewarding. Each nesting turtle is special and offers their challenges and unique moments. You never forget your first turtle – no matter how many times people tell you what to expect beforehand they are still a surprise! But particularly I will cherish the moments when you’re working solo on a turtle and all you can hear is their breathing and the ocean waves, and you could be the only ones in the world. Even the morning raking has its special moments – whether it is emerging hatchlings or the epic morning sunrise over sugarloaf.

The team are doing such fantastic work on Grenada, and you can see how important they are from the respect they receive from the wider conservation community of Grenada. It makes you very proud to have been even a small part of their fantastic project. Kate & Kester make sure that there is a real family atmosphere at the volunteer house, with everyone cooking, cleaning & day-tripping together, making it extra special. I’ve already met up with other volunteers since being home. I had an unforgettable time with Ocean Spirits and a life changing experience – I wish I could’ve stayed for longer.