At Ocean Spirits we believe that any research initiative that seeks to promote change in the way a resource is utilised must have a complimentary educational component that brings to the forefront understanding and awareness of the issues being addressed. The foundation of Ocean Spirits’ work is education. Without developing public understanding and awareness, the findings of our research efforts would be worthless in terms of addressing traditional perceptions of a natural resource.

To date over 7,000 students ranging from pre-schools to University students have been reached through our educational programs. Each season Ocean Spirits host week long summer camps inviting children from 7-14 years to learn through exciting crafts and activities. After School Environmental Science club gives students the opportunity to gain hands on learning in research techniques and classroom based learning. Field trips to see conservation in action by nights under the stars to see nesting turtles, hiking through rainforest to discover flora and fauna, glass bottom boat outings to learn what lives in our oceans and guest speakers sharing a wealth of knowledge.

One of our first programs and one of our most ambitious was the development of E.A.R.T.H. (Environmental Academic Resource for Teaching and Higher education). This PC-based product provides a visually engaging, interactive education tool aimed at both students and teachers alike. Through the provision of lesson plans, classroom activities and experiments, E.A.R.T.H. affords teachers a unique opportunity to incorporate environmental science into existing curriculum subjects. Likewise, the interactive topics, animations, video clips and hundreds of pictures provide an equally rewarding experience for the student, enabling them to learn at their own pace while simultaneously providing invaluable exposure to the extensive myriad of components hosted by information technology.

2017 saw the launch of Ocean Spirits Sea Turtle Junior Rangers Club. The aim is to create youth empowerment through teaching of environmental stewardship and conservation importance. Using hands on approach and interactive fun learning to encourage students to become passionate ambassadors of their own natural environment and teach others the same. We aim to teach the students how to become environmental stewards and gain the necessary skills to be confident in implement their knowledge.